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Craft Beer Club By Craft Can Directory

Join the freshest craft beer club going

From just £19.80 (inc P&P) per month, you get a unique selection of our best, freshest and most exclusive craft beers delivered to your door each month.

Craft Can Directory Outlet Beer Store
Craft Can Directory Outlet Beer Store
Craft Beer Delivered to your door

Why choose the Craft Can Directory Beer Club?

Choose from a 6, 12 or 24 can box of the finest quality, freshest Craft Beer available in the UK. Take advantage of our unique supply chain which means you will not get cheaper craft beers online. In fact, find a supplier online at a cheaper price and we’ll match it and give you a discount on your next order.

Small Box – £19.80

6 Beers each month

Medium Box – £36

12 Beers each month

Large Box – £60

24 Cans each month

Cancel, pause or change membership at anytime

You can cancel or pause your club membership at any time, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to change your mind. Not getting enough or maybe too much, not to worry as you can change how many beers you get each month whenever you want.

Free Delivery

Get free delivery on your beer delivery each month.

Extra Points to Spend in the beer shop

Collect points each month on your membership spend and spend them in the beer store.

Freshest Craft Beer available

The Craft Can Directory has access to the freshest beer around, our club members get exclusive beers each month often arriving from the brewery the same day its dispatched to our members.

Always Unique Craft Beer

Get new beers each month, never receive the same beers unless you specifically request it. You will always have a surprise when your box arrives.

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Craft Beer from The Craft Can Directory

Craft Can Directory Craft Beer Store

The Craft Can Directory Outlet store is where you will find all out overstock products, exclusive offers and close to expiry craft beer with a huge discount.

Why choose the Craft Can Directory when buying your favourite craft beers and snacks? We may not be the first online craft beer store and we certainly won’t be the last but we have something special. We work alongside Europes leading craft breweries and canning providers to bring not just the most competitively priced craft beer but also the fastest and freshest beer available.